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crackchemistry's Journal

crack chemistry
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Welcome to CrackChemistry

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My name is Ana. Pronounced like "Anna". None of this "Aw-nuh" buisness, it drives me insane. I live in the lovely city of Pittsburgh, and I use that term lightly. Now that we've lost Cowher, we have nothing. I'm loud, opinionated, and I like my wine with dinner. Lets hear what you have to say about that.
But enough about me.

Here I post my randomness- icons, larger graphics, picspams, and the frequent tutorials that pop into my head. All posts will be related to one of my many obsessions/fandoms. These include the following.

Prison Break, Heroes, House, Nip/Tuck, Law & Order:SVU, Dirt, LOST, The Office US, Scrubs, The Daily Show, & the Colbert Report.

Brick, Everything is Illuminated, POTC, Harry Potter, Little Miss Sunshine.

Peter/Claire, House/Cameron, House/Wilson, Kate/Sawyer, Jim/Pam, Dwight/Angela, Roy/Angela, Michael/Jan, Ryan/Kelly, Jack/Elizabeth, Neville/Luna.

As well as celebrities including John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer, Evangeline Lilly, Emilie De Ravin, Scarlett Johansson, Hugh Laurie, & Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Moving on.

While this isnt a personal journal, I will occasionally post some slightly ironic and somewhat humorous picks from my day. I have a tendency do that from time to time. For your own convience, these will be friends only so you can keep the creative stuff separate from my random complaints about life in general. whatever you come here for, there are a few simple and easy to understand rules.(if they arent simple or easy to understand, get yourself a doctor appointment.)
Rules & Guidelines
Please refrain from hotlinking, editing, and redistributing on any sites. Please remember to credit in comment area when using an icon, larger graphics should be credited in userinfo or in resource/credit post. Comments are always lovely if you like what you see. Friending this journal is extra lovely, and i'll usually add you as well.
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